Best viewed in 720p HD (note: youTube video compressions lets the quality down immensely. The real-time rendering is pin sharp!)

THEY CAME FROM A SPACE – A Proof of Concept of a real-time comic style game world – Using shaders and techniques for rendering fast, detailed and dynamically lit content for mobile devices, game consoles and desktop platforms.

I started this project many years ago with a desire to create a suite of fast materials offering artists the freedom to define their own unique comic art and inking styles – without constraints and working in real-time across all mobile platforms, including my old iPhone.

Over the years, I developed various experiments exploring a host of different comic styles influenced by Hal Foster, Frank Miller, Alex Raymond, Jack Prout and Dudley Watkins, before settling on a demo world that imagines the classic arcade game “Alien Syndrome” rendered in the worlds of Fritz Lang, Whisky Galore, 39 Steps and the DC Thomson comics stories of Black Bob from the Dandy – Just one of many possible comic inking and rendering styles “Super Comic Vision” is capable of supporting. Again, the video does not do this justice, but I thought I would share it with you regardless 🙂 I will add a link to a full res uncompressed video.

If you are interested in learning more about the full scope of “Super Comic Vision” and other game rendering technologies then please get in touch.