Startling Tales – They Came From Space

Apologies for the website being down for a few months… we are back up at last, but unfortunately with some sad news.

It is with heavy heart that the iPad project known as “They Came From Space”, (Startling Tales’  our first Comic Rendered Adventure & Action Game), is on hold for the forseeable future. That is, until we determine the best way forward.

This fully self-funded project, initially started out as a showcase for our unique and versatile real-time 3D comic rendering techniques and technologies, in particular targeted for mobile devices ( and other higher-end platforms ). This soon grew into a complex game world stretching to 5+ years of development, including a rather involved Scottish language  version – “They Came Fae Space” (announced in the summer of 2016)

However, despite these best intentions, and following a long break, one of us suffered a catastrophic life changing illness, never to fully recover, and the other’s health deteriatied in a vain attempt to keep it moving forward. In the spring of 2017 the whole project was put on hold.

Despite these massive setbacks,  They Came From Space isn’t gone yet! I hope to have some more news soon, but for now I am simply giving life an opportunity to do what life does best… Surprise us all!

A Few Development Images

Various Screengrabs from the iPad Builds…